[PLUS030] Gammer feat Compulsion - The Call


In 320Kbps please!!

320 kbps vinyl rip or what? You can find a shop that sells 030 & 033 WEBs, the only ones that by some mystical coincidence UKHx skipped?

no i need web???

Does not exist in WEB? Show me a shop ... Juno / Beatport / ... none have it ..

Pretty sure Scott Brown is re-releasing evolution's back catalogue in digital form. He's been releasing old & new at the same time so i guess we will just have to wait till he gets to releasing Plus records in digital.

You're right, but these 2 singles aren't released yet. Be patient.

these won't be released

Latest PLUS re-releases were in year 2015. Doubt there's any point in re-releasing whole PLUS sublabel as WEBs but intentionally saving exactly these 2 singles for re-releasing several years later. Perhaps some copyright issues exist or just digital source is lost through the years.
But I guess OP doesn't know or care about shops, he was just casually checking his folders and noticed cat.nos skipped xD

no!!! these music is my life and that's why i want it in web!!

So write to Scott Brown and tell him it on Facebook fanpage. He didn't block ability to send private message to him.

Thank you, there's nothing to do if these realeases does not exists in web :-(

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