Oldschool requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Alphaville-So8os_Pres._ALPHAVILLE_Curated_By_Blank__Jones-WEB-2014-LEV+2 Filled Oldschool 3 08-Sep-2019
Georgie "Mixin" Porgie Featuring Connie V - Baby "Come Back" Open Oldschool 0 10-Jul-2019
Marietta ‎- Fire and Ice (12" Special Ski Dance Mix) Filled Oldschool 8 29-Jun-2019
Mr. Caine Presents Friends Of Carlotta Vol. 2 ‎– Erotic City Open Oldschool 0 27-May-2019
F.O.C. Friends Of Carlotta* ‎– Fingerfoc Filled Oldschool 2 27-May-2019
Masami_Ueda_-_Saeri_Maeda_-_Resident_Evil_3_Nemesis_Original_Soundtrack-2CD-2000-CRUELTY Filled Oldschool 2 21-May-2019
VA_-_Resident_Evil_Original_Soundtrack_Remix-2000-N1 Filled Oldschool 2 21-May-2019
Masami_Ueda-Resident_Evil_OST-2000-VBR Filled Oldschool 2 21-May-2019
Hot Tracks Seasons 1 – 10 Open Oldschool 16 14-May-2019
Haruomi Hosono ‎– The Best of Video Game Music Open Oldschool 0 03-Mar-2019
Discomania Hits Dance 70-80 Vol 1 Open Oldschool 0 19-Feb-2019
M & G ‎– Boogie Tonight / When I Let You Down [Skylax release] Filled Oldschool 1 11-Feb-2019
Max Berlin - Max Berlin's Open Oldschool 0 27-Jan-2019
ZYX Italo Disco Instrumental Hits Filled Oldschool 3 17-Oct-2018
Leslie_Nayoko-Humans_Must_Dance_LP-2018-SXN_iNT Open Oldschool 0 18-Sep-2018
Timo Maas-The Final XS Open Oldschool 0 16-Jul-2018
Run_form_Run_DMC_Feat._Justine_Simmons_-_Praise_My_Djs-(PRIVEE011CDS)-CDM-1999-iHQ_INT Filled Oldschool 1 19-Jun-2018
Elektrochemie_Lk-Schall-(8573-8-2)-CDM-2000-Homely_INT Filled Oldschool 3 27-May-2018
Elektrochemie_LK-Come_Right_On_Time-CD-2003-TLT Filled Oldschool 1 27-May-2018
Elektrochemie_LK_-_Gold-CD-2001-MOD Filled Oldschool 1 27-May-2018
VA_-_Energy_Rave-2CD-1994-gEm Filled Oldschool 2 03-Apr-2018
VA_-_Energy_Rave_Vol._2-2CD-1995-gEm Filled Oldschool 3 29-Mar-2018
Not_Complete_Djs-Uno_Due-Promo-CDS-2003-N1 Open Oldschool 0 07-Feb-2018
Not_CompleteDjs-_Uno_Due-CDM-2003-QMI Open Oldschool 0 07-Feb-2018
TelltaleSigns-_Partypimp-Vinyl-2001-TWCMP3 Open Oldschool 0 07-Feb-2018