Breakcore requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Creator - Noir (2011) !!! wanted by artist himself Open Breakcore 0 05-Apr-2018
Various ‎– DOROHEDORO Original Soundtrack Filled Breakcore 2 02-Apr-2018
Classless Kulla Als Beifahrer Beim Istari Lasterfahrer ‎– Nein, Nein, Das Ist Nicht Der Ko... Filled Breakcore 1 06-Mar-2018
VA - International Smackdown 2 (SMACK006) Filled Breakcore 1 13-Feb-2018
Urlauten Open Breakcore 0 07-Feb-2018
FFF-Sudden_Cultural_Finality-(KETATAPE002)-TAPE-2015-DEF Filled Breakcore 1 21-Nov-2016
NSCLT - Free Carnaval Tracks EP [Free Release] Filled Breakcore 2 16-Nov-2016
Freqax & Ogonek ‎– OMG / Fucked Up (SICK020) Filled Breakcore 2 09-Aug-2016
Tracks Open Breakcore 4 03-Aug-2016
Xylocaine-Stoma_Care-(Bloody_Fist)-CD-2002-DPS Filled Breakcore 4 31-Jul-2016
VA-Urban_Affliction-(KSHEEPCD03)-2004-DPS Filled Breakcore 2 31-Jul-2016
VA-Vile_Techniques-(KSCD02)-2003-DPS Filled Breakcore 2 31-Jul-2016
Sunjammer_-_You-(Z71.06)-Vinyl-2007-SQ Filled Breakcore 2 03-Jul-2016
Maladroit Shares Capslock With Bit Shifter ‎– Maladroit Shares Capslock With Bit Shift... Filled Breakcore 1 26-May-2016
Producer_Snafu-The_Brown_Cloud-(NGM.02)-Vinyl-2009-OBC Filled Breakcore 3 16-Apr-2016
DBN_And_Chaotic_Circle-Dysmenhorrheal_-_Chemical_Thinkin-(Z71MP3003)-READ_NFO-WEB-2009-Hom... Dupe Breakcore 0 07-Apr-2016
Various ‎– 2OO Filled Breakcore 1 20-Mar-2016
Tapage & Meander - Etched In Salt Filled Breakcore 1 11-Mar-2016
The Teknoist ‎– ...Like A Hurricane Made Of Zombies Filled Breakcore 1 27-Feb-2016
Downpour - Windstorms Broken Microphones EP Filled Breakcore 2 21-Feb-2016
Drop Beat Records Open Breakcore 4 14-Feb-2016
Somatic_Responses-Concrete_Glider-2011-FWYH Filled Breakcore 1 26-Jan-2016
Somatic_Responses-Neon-2010-FWYH Filled Breakcore 1 26-Jan-2016
Duran Duran Duran - Over Hard Filled Breakcore 1 16-Jan-2016
VA - Black Hoe Meets Evol Beats - Two Hells As One Filled Breakcore 2 05-Dec-2015