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FULL LABEL. These releases are really rare and this is not real label so it's hard to find those releases. If someone has some of them please upload it cause it's really hard to collect them all. Thanks :)


I thought I had this, but I checked it's Schranz Series is what I have.
some of these mash-ups look interesting, I would like a few of these myself.

[SCHRANZ017] Underworld - Schranz Slippy
[SCHRANZ018] Eric Prydz - Schranz on Me
[SCHRANZ019] Unknown - Gimme Schranz Joanna
[SCHRANZ020] Unknown - Bonny Schranz
[SCHRANZ021] Unknown - Schranz Bailando
[SCHRANZ022] Unknown - Schranz O'Clock
[SCHRANZ023] Tom Jones - She's a Schranzy
[SCHRANZ024] Gloria Estefan - Schranz Conga
[SCHRANZ025] Unknown - Schranzed Blade
[SCHRANZ027] Unknown - Voodoo People
[SCHRANZ028] Sisters of Mercy - Temple of Love
[SCHRANZ038] Unknown - Rebel Yell
[SCHRANZ039] Unknown - 51st State
[SCHRANZ040] Unknown - Out of Space
[SCHRANZ041] Placebo - Every Me, Every You
[SCHRANZ043] Unknown - Entre dos Tierras
[SCHRANZ044] Unknown - Halloween
[SCHRANZ045] Unknown - Dont Laugh
[SCHRANZ046] Unknown - Star 69
[SCHRANZ047] Unknown - La Cumbia
[SCHRANZ048] Unknown - The End of all Hopes
[SCHRANZ049] Unknown - Somebody´s watchin Me
[SCHRANZ050] SM feat. BEP - Masquenada
[SCHRANZ051] Vollassi Toni - Bam Ba Bam
[SCHRANZ052] Unknown - La La Land
[SCHRANZ053] Unknown - James Brown is Dead
[SCHRANZ054] Unknown - Schall
[SCHRANZ055] Unknown - When I Rock
[SCHRANZ056] Unknown - To my Beat
[SCHRANZ057] Unknown - What Else is There
[SCHRANZ058] Unknown - Aloy Mental
[SCHRANZ059] Unknown - Derb
[SCHRANZ060] Unknown - Bittersweet
[SCHRANZ061] Unknown - Hide U
[SCHRANZ062] Unknown - Poney
[SCHRANZ063] Unknown - Seven Nation Army
[SCHRANZ064] Unknown - Mambo Nr. 5
[SCHRANZ065] Unknown - Boogie Schranzland
[SCHRANZS011] Unknown - Schranz Insomnia
[SCHRANZS012] Unknown - Schranz playing with the Voices
[SCHRANZS014] Unknown - Get your Freak on


does anyone have a repost for this?

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