Closed requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Forbes and Cyclone - Full Force - WEB Closed Happy Hardcore 2 12-Apr-2019
Galantis - Gold Dust (Adrenalize Remix) Closed Hardstyle 1 07-Apr-2019
Pure_Filth_-_Fresh-Promo-Vinyl-2002-DOC Closed House 0 05-Apr-2019
C-Mos - Adventures Through Graphicland EP Closed House 0 05-Apr-2019
Soul_Avengerz_-_Sampler_Vol.1-Vinyl-2002-MNS Closed House 0 03-Apr-2019
Alari x Embee Feat Euphorizon - Turn My World Around-WEB-2019-ZzZz Closed Hardstyle 2 28-Mar-2019
Sephyx - Resolute (Extended) Closed Hardstyle 1 20-Mar-2019
Bounce # 9 ‎– Der Mussolini (CDM-FLAC) Closed Trance 0 28-Feb-2019
DJ Mental Theo vs. DJ C7 - Air Closed Trance 1 12-Feb-2019
VA-Campioni_Del_Mondo_Dance_Selection-Retail-2006-ONe Closed Dance 1 31-Jan-2019
DJ_Mutante_Vs_Dom_-_Untitled-(SOCIAL_TEKNOLOGY_04)-Vinyl-2011 Closed Hardcore 6 08-Jan-2019
Chris Niers - Falling Closed Hardstyle 1 31-Dec-2018
Davoodi Ft. NJ - Flexxin Closed Hardstyle 1 29-Dec-2018
AMV - We Need That..!! Closed Happy Hardcore 2 20-Dec-2018
Outsiders ft. MC GEE - W.A.F.O. (Extended Mix) Closed Hardstyle 1 13-Dec-2018
VA_-_The_Shadows_of_the_B.E.A.S.T._Volume_01-1994-1998-CD-2002-SQ Closed Hardcore 0 26-Nov-2018
Thunderdome - Best of 97 (Unmixed Full Length Tracks) Closed Hardcore 1 21-Oct-2018
Scott Brown & Brisk - Chase (Web) Closed Happy Hardcore 2 16-Oct-2018
DJ Outblast vs. DJ Wicked ‎– Masters Symphony (MOHSP03) Closed Hardcore 4 07-Oct-2018
Poogie Bear - So Happy Together (Teka B Remix) Closed Jumpstyle 5 01-Oct-2018
unknown artist - Legend (Intro) (Remixed by Ophidian) Closed Hardcore 4 02-Sep-2018
Yarabi-Ozoltina-Promo_CDM-2008-TWCMP3 Closed Dance 1 19-Aug-2018
L.A. Work - Congas Del Sol Closed Trance 0 08-Aug-2018
VA-Change_The_Directory_Of_The_Waves-(TRL00)-Vinyl-2009-OBC Closed Techno 0 06-Aug-2018
Nikolai_-_Ready_to_Flow_the_Remixes_(NM1179MX)-Vinyl-1995-MS Closed Trance 0 05-Aug-2018