Closed requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
TWSTD ‎– I'll Fuck You Up Closed Hardstyle 0 20-Apr-2018
Eardrumz Records Closed Hardstyle 1 06-Apr-2018
The The Mover - Undetected Act from the Gloom Chamber Closed Hardcore 2 05-Apr-2018
Adrelina - Down Under Closed Jumpstyle 0 11-Mar-2018
Adrelina - Disposition Closed Jumpstyle 0 05-Mar-2018
Morphine - My Love Closed Jumpstyle 0 05-Mar-2018
Spoon - Voices Closed Jumpstyle 0 05-Mar-2018
Omattic - The Drums Closed Jumpstyle 0 05-Mar-2018
Aqua-Roses_Are_Red-CDM-FLAC-1996-LoKET Closed Dance 0 27-Feb-2018
Martin_Solveig_Ft_Alma-All_Stars_(Club_Mix)-WEB-2017-TDMLiVE Closed House 0 26-Feb-2018
Industrial Strength Limited Closed Hardcore 0 25-Feb-2018
G-Swatt - G-Swatt EP (BM079) Closed Hardstyle 2 21-Feb-2018
VA - Alchemy or T & Sugah - Unreal (ft. Ayve) Closed Drum'n'Bass 1 13-Feb-2018
Ethos - Music (Kevin Energy Remix) Closed Happy Hardcore 0 29-Jan-2018
Azora-Instincts-(Promo_CDM)-2005-BUL Closed Dance 0 15-Jan-2018
Supreme, Sunset Regime & Cat Knight - Top Of The World Closed Happy Hardcore 2 13-Jan-2018
No Left Turn & Saiyan ft. Reese - Air Raid 2KX Closed Happy Hardcore 2 13-Jan-2018
Multiple The Sunclub releases Closed Dance 0 05-Jan-2018
Micro/Mirco Tools - Triomphe De Lamour Closed Trance 0 05-Jan-2018
Sugar_Feat_Millie-Oops_(Do_Di_Do_Di_Dam)-Promo_CDM-2001-BMI Closed Dance 0 16-Dec-2017
VA-Hardstyle_Session_04-Mixed_By_Fer-D-CD-2003-DOC Closed Hardstyle 0 16-Dec-2017
VA-DJ_Robs_Old_School_Classics_(ROT_C11)_CD-1996-TRa Closed Hardcore 1 16-Dec-2017
Wild_Rockaz_-_Wild_Rockaz-EP-2003-NBD Closed Trance 0 06-Dec-2017
DJ_Marc_Mally-Faith-Vinyl-2003-MiP Closed Trance 0 06-Dec-2017
Francesco_Napoli-Toc_Toc_Toc-CDM-ES-2003-DELTA Closed Dance 0 26-Nov-2017