Closed requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
VA-Music_For_A_Harder_Generation-The_New_Generation-(TIDYHG05)-2CD-2008-RACEME Closed Trance 0 26-Mar-2017
VA_-_Music_For_A_Harder_Generation_Volume_4_Mixed_By_Mark_EG-2CD-2006-SQ Closed Trance 0 26-Mar-2017
Yellow Claw & Cesqeaux Ft. Kalibwoy - Legends (Endymion Rework) Closed Hardstyle 0 24-Mar-2017
VA-Dj_Tom_and_Mind-X_Vs_DJ_Darkzone_Tranzworld_Allstars_V.2_2CD-2002-DS Closed Trance 0 23-Mar-2017
Request, studio Acapella of Lukas Graham – 7 Years? Closed Happy Hardcore 0 06-Mar-2017
Infexious (full label) Closed Hardstyle 0 03-Mar-2017
X-Code ‎– The Slow EP / X_Code-The_Slow_EP-Retail_CDM-2006-BWA Closed Dance 0 02-Mar-2017
Request Oli list Closed Jumpstyle 0 26-Feb-2017
Over_Dub_-_So_You_Think-Full_Vinyl-2000-iDC Closed Dance 0 22-Feb-2017
Density_Matrix-Beautiful_Is_Blue-Vinyl-2001-iDC Closed Dance 0 22-Feb-2017
VA-HQ_Presents_Tom_Harding-2CD-2002-DOC Closed Trance 0 22-Feb-2017
Raptor-Eternity-Promo_Vinyl-2001-MTC Closed Hardstyle 0 22-Feb-2017
VA-Hard_Dance_Anthems_2003-Mixed_By_The_Nukleuz_DJs-2CD-2002-MiM Closed Trance 0 20-Feb-2017
Tilth Music TIL020 - TIL037 Closed House 0 19-Feb-2017
Mirage_Inc_-_Into_The_Sun-Promo_Vinyl-2002-iDC Closed Dance 0 17-Feb-2017
Mel_Project_Feat._Tony-Whistles_Song-Vinyl-2002-MTC Closed Dance 0 17-Feb-2017
Kate Shanel ‎ My Angel Closed Trance 0 17-Feb-2017
Dj_Jamie_-_Lost_Heaven-CD-2003-iPZ Closed Trance 0 12-Feb-2017
Angy_Dee-Live_From_Love_Mobile_7_Summer_Parade_Oslo_Norway-CD-2003-DOC Closed Trance 0 12-Feb-2017
VA_-_Pulsedriver_Vs._DJ_DA_Bomb_-_Battle_Of_Giants_2005-2005-JiM Closed Trance 0 11-Feb-2017
Mixtery_-_Hands_Clean-Advance-CDM-2002-EiTheLMP3 Closed Dance 0 10-Feb-2017
Dj_Skorpio_-_Il_Cielo-Retail_Vinyl-2002-iDC Closed Trance 0 10-Feb-2017
Superboy_-_Its_Not_Over_Yet-Vinyl-2003-iDC or Superboy-Its_Not_Over_Yet-VINYL-2003-BPM_HOU... Closed House 0 10-Feb-2017
VA - Nukleuz In South Africa: Part 2 – Mixed by Dirkie Coetzee Closed Trance 0 08-Feb-2017
VA - Nukleuz In South Africa: Part 1 – Mixed by Pierre Pienaar Closed Trance 0 08-Feb-2017