Closed requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
DJ Outblast vs. DJ Wicked ‎– Masters Symphony (MOHSP03) Closed Hardcore 4 07-Oct-2018
L.A. Work - Congas Del Sol Closed Trance 0 08-Aug-2018
VA-Change_The_Directory_Of_The_Waves-(TRL00)-Vinyl-2009-OBC Closed Techno 0 06-Aug-2018
Nikolai_-_Ready_to_Flow_the_Remixes_(NM1179MX)-Vinyl-1995-MS Closed Trance 0 05-Aug-2018
Nasen_-_Give_it_Up_(NM1039MX)-Vinyl-1995-NRG Closed Trance 2 03-Aug-2018
VA-Impulz_-_The_Spring_Edition-CD-2002-MiM Closed Hardstyle 2 29-Jul-2018
Noisecontrollers - Destruction Closed Hardstyle 0 21-Jul-2018
Twisted_Society-Killer_(Promo_CDS)-2006-iHF Closed House 0 10-Jun-2018
Noferini_And_Dj_Guy_-_Sonny__Marascia_Remix-Promo_CDS-2003-iDC Closed House 0 10-Jun-2018
Noferini_and_Dj_Guy_Feat_Hilary_-_A_Sunny_Day-Promo_CDS-2003-iDC Closed House 0 10-Jun-2018
Hardcore Closed Hardcore 2 27-May-2018
Def Toys Louder Closed Hardstyle 0 26-May-2018
Sub Zero Project Ft. Meccah Dawn ‎– Stand Strong Closed Hardstyle 0 14-May-2018
VA_-_Sexy_Base_EP-(GR01)-TRACKFIX-Vinyl-2009-SOB Closed Jumpstyle 6 05-May-2018
TWSTD ‎– I'll Fuck You Up Closed Hardstyle 0 20-Apr-2018
VA-One_On_One_2_Live_DJ_Sessions_2_Cities_2_Cds_Album-2CD-2002-TGX Closed House 0 15-Apr-2018
Eardrumz Records Closed Hardstyle 1 06-Apr-2018
The The Mover - Undetected Act from the Gloom Chamber Closed Hardcore 2 05-Apr-2018
Adrelina - Down Under Closed Jumpstyle 0 11-Mar-2018
Adrelina - Disposition Closed Jumpstyle 0 05-Mar-2018
Morphine - My Love Closed Jumpstyle 0 05-Mar-2018
Spoon - Voices Closed Jumpstyle 0 05-Mar-2018
Omattic - The Drums Closed Jumpstyle 0 05-Mar-2018
Aqua-Roses_Are_Red-CDM-FLAC-1996-LoKET Closed Dance 0 27-Feb-2018
Martin_Solveig_Ft_Alma-All_Stars_(Club_Mix)-WEB-2017-TDMLiVE Closed House 0 26-Feb-2018