Trance requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Thomas_Trouble-The_Real_Hardcore-Vinyl-2002-UTE Open Trance 0 25-Feb-2016
Solar Twins ‎– Rock The Casbah Open Trance 0 25-Feb-2016
Submerge_-_Oblivion-(DST12438)-CDM-1994-iHQREV Filled Trance 3 24-Feb-2016
Sunlounger_-_Another_Day_On_The_Terrace-2CD-2007-HB Filled Trance 2 24-Feb-2016
DJ_Session_One_Feat_Franky_-_Can_You_Hear_Me-Vinyl-2003-SQ Filled Trance 2 24-Feb-2016
Acoustic_Control_Feat_Byzarre_Brothers-Survivor-Vinyl-2004-MTC Filled Trance 2 24-Feb-2016
PURETRANCE002 - Winkee - Helsinki (WEB) Filled Trance 1 24-Feb-2016
Norman_DJ-Electronic_Technology-Vinyl-2001-MTC Filled Trance 2 23-Feb-2016
Raul_Soto_and_Jaime_Gimeno_Presents_Angeline_Wallace-We_Believe-Vinyl-2004-MTC Filled Trance 2 23-Feb-2016
Tiesto - In Search of Sunrise Filled Trance 1 23-Feb-2016
Tall_Tin_Box-Gods_Love-Promo_CDM-2001-SND Filled Trance 2 22-Feb-2016
Embargo--Hysterie-(SLOT_0018-6)-VINYL-2000-CMC_INT Filled Trance 2 22-Feb-2016
Embargo-Embargo-(STK_017)-VINYL-1999-JBi_INT Filled Trance 2 22-Feb-2016
T-Zone - Dont Let Me-(WAY1055)-WEB-1996-ZzZz Filled Trance 1 22-Feb-2016
S.O.L_Vs._Gat-Scha_-_We_Call_It_Techno-Vinyl-2001-MOD Filled Trance 2 22-Feb-2016
Fantasy_Feat_Lucy-Im_Still_Standing_(AD0025MX)-WEB-2004-NRG Filled Trance 2 22-Feb-2016
Temprogressive Collection Filled Trance 1 22-Feb-2016
Tekkie_-_Lost_in_Space-Vinyl-2001-MTC Filled Trance 2 21-Feb-2016
Armin_Borher_-_Soma-(2956)-Vinyl-2004-NRG Closed Trance 0 21-Feb-2016
DJ Mo vs. Marc De Clarq ‎– Eternity [NON-SCENE/FLAC OR MP3] Open Trance 0 21-Feb-2016
Consoul Trainin Feat. Joan Kolova ‎– Stop [Sam Brown cover] Filled Trance 2 20-Feb-2016
Agnelli & Nelson ‎– Hudson St. (CD) Filled Trance 2 20-Feb-2016
Agnelli & Nelson ‎– Everyday [CDM] + Remixes Filled Trance 2 20-Feb-2016
Dj_session_one_-_be_in_my_dream-vinyl-2000-mtc Open Trance 0 20-Feb-2016
Probspot-Organic_Waveforms-PROPER-Promo_CD-2005-TGX Filled Trance 2 20-Feb-2016