Styles & Breeze - You're My Angel (Master)


No, this track comes from scene Darren_Styles-Skydivin-2CD-2008-UTE. It's CD rip to VBR MP3, not full mix and trance, not UK hardcore. Digital full UK hardcore mix of this song was released on „Wild – Hard Bass Anthems (Mixed By Nik Fish & Weaver)”. It has a bit to long breaks at the beginning (~4,5 s) and the end (~6 s). After removing those silence part, track lasts 5:58 (same duration as on vinyl) instead of 6:09. I upload original track from this compilation (Breeze & Styles – Your My Angel) and the shorter one without silence parts (Styles & Breeze – You're My Angel). Scott Brown remix probably wasn't released digitally.

Breeze & Styles – Your My Angel
Styles & Breeze – You're My Angel

are those the trance ones?

No. They are original, 168 BPM, UK hardcore tunes. Btw. dbr gives ability to listen.

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