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Thanks man 4 the quick response! Tha_Playah_-_Fuck_Tha_Fame_Fragment_1-(NEO22A)-WEB-2004-HB.rar 2017-02-24
Can someone re-upload this? + Can this be added @ 1gabba as a separate release? I can only find the vinyl over there. Thanks in advance. Tha_Playah_-_Fuck_Tha_Fame_Fragment_1-(NEO22A)-WEB-2004-HB.rar 2017-02-24
Can this release be added on 1gabba? It's not present for the moment. Thanks in advance. Promo_-_Promofile_Classic_006_-_The_Industry_Cant_Stop_Me-(T3RDM0086)-WEB-2005-SOB 2017-02-15
That was fast. Thx again! Q-IC_and_Lethal_MG_-_Punk_Shock-(ZOO023)-WEB-2007-iHQ 2016-10-26
Does anyone know if there are more WEB releases from this label? If yes, can someone give me a list? Would be much appreciated ;) DHT (some BC releases) 2016-06-05
Thanks man! VA_-_Bionic_Conspiracy_(Part_2_Of_2)-(BIONIC10)-WEB-2005-HB 2016-05-16
Wow thanks! Sorry for the late response. I've been away from music like a month. Just to realise I can't live without it ^^ Hatix 2016-04-21
I'm confused on a couple of things. If this was sold in both presale... Thunderdome '96 - Dance Or Die! (Entrance Ticket) FLAC 2016-03-09
Ok lol I was thinking about the full release xD I should have looked more careful in the link provided in the request details. Guess I focussed too much on the picture being displayed where you can see 3 tracknames ( the same as the WEB release ). The Pitcher - Enjoy The Music (2010) [WAV] 2016-03-07
Here ya go: X-Clusive B.O.M.B. part 1 X-Clusive B.O.M.B. part 2 X-clusive B.O.M.B. LABEL 2016-03-07
Looks like it's already down :( ps: Does this lossless version contains the edits? There's no WEB release that includes those as far as I know, only the original mixes. The Pitcher - Enjoy The Music (2010) [WAV] 2016-03-07
Here ya go: Quadro B - Basic Instructions EP 2016-02-25
Full label has been requested a couple of days ago. Download link still works at the moment of writing this. You can find it here: Doug Van Zant ‎– Organ Line EP 2016-02-23
Here ya go: Tremplin Trax ‎– Tremplin EP 1 2016-02-12
I have all vinyl's. I have all WEB's till 2011 ( except BOMB008 or BOMBRECORDS008 since that one isn't even on Discogs chances are high it never got released ) Here ya go: Bomb Records vinyl part 1 ( BOMB01 --> BOMB06 ) Bomb Records vinyl part 2 ( BOMB07 --> BOMB11 ) Bomb Records WEB part 1 ( BOMB001 --> BOMB007 ) https://... Bomb Records full label 2016-02-12
Here ya go: Audiofuze Label 2016-02-12
Thanks for the full man. Underground DJ - Enjoy This Trip 2016-02-11
Here ya go: Dynamic Edition 2016-02-08
@azerty02: Do you have the complete release? And willing to upload here? Discogs link: Catalog#: NW 02/01/005 Year: 2005 Thanks in advance. Underground DJ - Enjoy This Trip 2016-02-08
Ok thanks. Underground DJ - Enjoy This Trip 2016-02-08
I don't know what azerty02 uploaded but I was referring to the full release ( like asked in original request ). Or did you mean full track instead of full release when you posted "Full Plz Thx"? Anyway, thanks 4 the upload already. Underground DJ - Enjoy This Trip 2016-02-08
Can anyone reupload this? Link's already dead after 2 days :( Underground DJ - Enjoy This Trip 2016-02-06
Sorry to say but the label pack you uploaded ( or posted link from ) isn't complete. Since the title of the rar contains the word "complete". I'm not the author of this request but I also downloaded this cause I only had from GNR-001 to GNR-010. From the link you provided, the following releases are missing ( if no scene name is given below I haven't found it ): GNR-003 - Sacrifice present....... Global Noize Spain 2016-01-24
And yet again full vinyl release: Ps: Just a little effort in putting some info in the details would be appreciated for future requests. Thanks! DJ Tboys feat g.k - Turn out 2016-01-18
Here ya go with full vinyl release: Acrobat's - Blizzard 2016-01-18
Here are the full releases: InPulsen°01 - Ronald-V & E-Max presents Mark-V & Poogie Bear - Buzzin' 2006 RR02 - DJ Furax vs Redshark - Final countdown Mark V ‎- Buzzin (ronald v remix). Furax Final countdown (marcky rmx) 2016-01-17
Ok nevermind, I'll make seperate requests for the first 2 releases :P Anyway, thanks again for all the effort! Akustika Records 2016-01-13
No it doesn't :P Notoriouz - Thrilled (Pro Mix) 2016-01-13
The first 2 releases ( AKS001... Akustika Records 2016-01-13
Thanks 4 the up man! Tuning Sound Records 2016-01-12