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I see is the same name but not the same release, not filled then. Hardcore Vibes Vol. 2 2020-06-19
WEB release is uploaded here: https://rapidgator.net/file/70d1f8f2abe601694b9dcff5a2324da2/VA-Hardcore_Vibes_Vol_2-(4061707168963)-WEB-2019-NDE.rar.html Credits to 1gabba. Hardcore Vibes Vol. 2 2020-06-19
Thank you! VA - Pokke Herrie Festival Sampler 2020-06-19
Hi Alpha!! Could you fill it again? File deleted. Thank you! VA-Pokke Herrie Festival Sampler 2020-06-18
Hi Alpha! Could you fill it again? File is deleted. Thank you in advance. VA - Pokke Herrie Festival Sampler 2020-06-18
(DB010) Tiny Tot - Discoland https://mega.nz/file/YVYmWaYJ#ZZ8dJytTZYCyfuTNqUFSTXn5rWgYq7NyQO6e0-tSX7U Tiny Tot - Discoland [D-Boy Records] 2020-06-18
(3074062) VA_-_100_Gabber-(3074062)-CD-2002-BC https://mega.nz/file/pdoiGQ6J#1TakNMWXoTbS_PIquuOk8pzLTwKANGTZRDaHJjRtETE 100% Gabber [Wagram] 2020-06-18
The_Destroyer_-_Arcade_X_Perience_(DJ_Stinger_Remix)-(CIO003)-WEB-2018-PUTA https://mega.nz/file/0dBUgQpQ#CVgvHeDDXaEa5llJL_8GCpFv7ldi8MOS1h-J4SgKuSw The Destroyer - Arcade X-perience (DJ Stinger Remix) 2020-06-18
I have this 320 KBPS rip labelled as vinyl. Try if it fits you. Robert_Natus_-_Dead_People_E.P.-(FROWN004)-Vinyl-2007 https://mega.nz/file/lMogkQ4K#bhEDI1pCVY5rANG2AshoaHol8KG_q8cxIxjYeSvkmpU Best regards. Robert Natus - Dead People [vinyl] 2020-06-18
Sorry, mark it as not filled then. Motormouth Podcast 031 - Nonexistent 2020-06-18
It is what i have, sorry Motormouth Podcast 031 - Nonexistent 2020-06-18
Hi Alpha Flight!! Downloaded directly from Soundcloud by Jdownloader back in the days. Motormouth Podcast 031 - NONEXISTENT_271376848 - Motormouth Recordz https://mega.nz/file/YF5RkQpI#JC70PQbnlw_RPLWwtyUSox-bnFb6Jh9TlfBeR_PiaWg Length: 36:10m Bitrate: 128kbps Motormouth Podcast 031 - Nonexistent 2020-06-18
OK, i'll keep it in mind. Thank you for the fill!! Dither_-_Broadband_Noise-(BNCD#01)-CD-2009 2020-06-17
Filled: https://mega.nz/file/odB2hIiT#tXrJQ6UUaAYX6dcwzt1G_7_1ip1mkT4T-y6h6JgkRKI Bomb_Trexx_-_The_New_Groove_EP-(BOMBTREXX96001)-Vinyl-1996-BC 2020-06-14
Thank you!! Filled :) Silent_Breed_-_Sync-In_(Remix)-(TTX2004R)-Vinyl-1998 2020-06-14
Thank you!! Where did you find it? 320 KBs is good. Can you upload the full vinyl @ 320kbps if you have it? Not a scene release because i think never released, it's only the cool name xD Silent_Breed_-_Sync-In_(Remix)-(TTX2004R)-Vinyl-1998 2020-06-13
Could anyone reupload this plz? Thank you! VA_-_Australian_The_Hardcore_Compilation_3-(2107027)-CD-1999-BC 2019-11-06
Thank you anyway!! VA_-_Australian_the_Hardcore_Compilation_IV-(2107072)-CD-1999-BC 2019-11-06
Thank you so much! Scotish_Clan_-_Evolution-(VLMX159-3)-VINYL-2000-NRG 2019-11-06
Can you reup please? Link down. Scotish_Clan_-_Evolution-(VLMX159-3)-VINYL-2000-NRG 2019-11-02
Filled: https://anonfile.com/Rc3ck35an7/Khaoz_Engine_and_Nuke_-_Cop_Killer_EP-_MOUTHDATA070_-WEB-2017-VK_zip Not released but 320KBPS. Khaoz Engine & Nuke - Cop Killer EP 2019-09-08
It's on: https://gabber.od.ua/tt?t=Nightmares_Are_Reality C-Tank-Nightmares_Are_Reality_Part_I-(OVER030-2)-CD-2012-MTC (& Part II & III) 2019-07-03
Thank you :) AK-Industry_and_Brainpain-Nekromongers__Metal_Hammer-(EGO1ST001)-WEB-2012-BPM 2019-07-03
Thank you hardhouse :) Instigator_-_Long_Time_Coming-WEB-2014-FMC 2019-07-03
Thank you :) Instigator_-_Exclusive-(EXC02)-WEB-2013-FMC 2019-07-03
Thank you :) VA_-_Beter_Kom_Je_Niet_Mixed_by_Unexist_and_Hellfish-2CD-2006-SQ 2019-07-03
Thank you :) VA-Masters_of_Hardcore_Live_in_Eindhoven-2CD-2004-gMP3 2019-07-03
Thank you btw :) VA_-_Always_Hardcore_Vol_4-(TRAXCD07)-WEB-1998 2019-07-03
Thank you :) Lello_B.-Cult_E.P.-(SUB096)-Vinyl-1995-iDF 2019-07-03
Thank you :) VA_-_200x100_Maquina_Vol2-3CD-2002-EiTheLMP3 2019-07-03