Open requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Various old rls Open Oldschool 4 05-Sep-2015
Dj_Nano_-_Fucking_in_the_Sky-Retail_Vinyl-2002-SQ Open Trance 0 02-Sep-2015
Scooter Remixes Open Trance 12 02-Sep-2015
Der Verfall - Der Mussolini (The Sixth Sense Remix) Open Trance 0 01-Sep-2015
SM-Trax releases Open House 7 30-Aug-2015
old releases requested Open Oldschool 4 30-Aug-2015
Dj Valium V flowers gothic mix (G. Martin remix) Open Techno 0 30-Aug-2015
Mauro Picotto ‎– Best Of Mauro Picotto Open Techno 9 24-Aug-2015
Tunnel Trance Force Global Vol. 01 - Vol. 08 WEB Open Trance 1 23-Aug-2015
Drax Ltd. II* ‎– Amphetamine [ Mixes & Versions ] Open Techno 5 23-Aug-2015
VA - Blutonium Presents Best Of Blutonium Hardstyle Vol 02/03 2CD 2006/2007 Open Hardstyle 0 22-Aug-2015
H20 5727 - Omar Santana vs Headbanger - Wicked style Open Hardcore 1 21-Aug-2015
Intensive Care Label Open Hardcore 2 21-Aug-2015
wanted tracks Open Jumpstyle 4 15-Aug-2015
ANOTHER Song ID from The Oh! Open Jumpstyle 1 13-Aug-2015
Kamui discography - 11EPS and remixes Open Trance 5 10-Aug-2015
MASIF and sub labels Open Trance 0 10-Aug-2015
'AciD-R' promos and unreleased tracks Open Jumpstyle 7 08-Aug-2015
'Acidozer' promos and unreleased tracks Open Jumpstyle 4 08-Aug-2015
'Tom & Jerry' promos and unreleased tracks Open Jumpstyle 2 07-Aug-2015
'Killer Traxx' promos and unreleased tracks Open Jumpstyle 0 07-Aug-2015
Clubbstars ‎– Ladadi... Open House 0 06-Aug-2015
Cosmic Commando Open Trance 1 30-Jul-2015
Phrenetikal Records :- missing releases Open Hardcore 4 29-Jul-2015
G-Rave Tracks Open Jumpstyle 8 28-Jul-2015