Open requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
NORTHERN LITE - TRUSTING BLIND REMIXES (1st decade records) Open Techno 0 07-Aug-2016
ANGEL ALANIS - ADVANCED THERAPY EP (Contact label) Open Techno 0 07-Aug-2016
Mory Klein - Cap To The Bass (vinyl omnisounds) Open Oldschool 0 07-Aug-2016
VA - CHRONICLES (record industry) Open Techno 0 07-Aug-2016
Royal S ft Junior Waxx - Drunk Limit (Summerfestival 2010 Edit) Open Jumpstyle 0 06-Aug-2016
Strings_of_Harmony_-_Sadness_(VLMX_261-3)-Vinyl-1999-IMAO_INT Open Trance 0 06-Aug-2016
Hardcore Blasters (a lot of single tracks) 320 or lossless please Open Hardcore 8 05-Aug-2016
Javi_Pirata_And_Domene_DJ_Feat_Anabel_Lee_-_On_My_Own-CDM-2002-EiTheLMP3 Open Dance 1 03-Aug-2016
Tracks Open Breakcore 4 03-Aug-2016
TRACK Dj [email protected] Open Jumpstyle 0 02-Aug-2016
J3r-i'ts time Open Jumpstyle 2 02-Aug-2016
Robbie_Long_And_Devastate_Live_At_Slammin_Vinyl-NYE-2002-TAPE-2003-PULSE Open Happy Hardcore 0 31-Jul-2016
Robbie_Long_and_Devistate_-_Live_at_Slammin_Vinyl_End_of_Summer-TAPE-2001-BOSS Open Happy Hardcore 0 31-Jul-2016
Robbie_Long_and_Devastate_-_Break_the_Law-Vinyl-1997-DJ_Classics Open Happy Hardcore 0 31-Jul-2016
Mestizos Gang ‎– Dame Una What'cha Vinyl, 12" 1995 Open House 0 30-Jul-2016
Bitch Boys - Mindblowing (Volt Face Remix) Open Jumpstyle 3 30-Jul-2016
DJ Raf Giusti ‎– Dance All Night Long Vinyl, 12" 1995 Open Dance 0 29-Jul-2016
De_Vargas-The_Train_Disc_One-Vinyl-2001-MTC Open Trance 0 29-Jul-2016
request Complex livesets Open Jumpstyle 0 27-Jul-2016
DJ Crash – Play Success Vinyl 1999 Open Hardstyle 0 27-Jul-2016
B.T. Express ‎– Level Three Vinyl 1995 Open Hardstyle 0 26-Jul-2016
Mansound_-_Baby-CDM-1999-oNePiEcE Open Dance 0 25-Jul-2016
Mr_Pande-We_Are_Hardcore-DI-STREAM-03-24-2011-COIN_INT Open Hardcore 0 24-Jul-2016
Teka B & DP - Like A Ho (Tekno Traxx Remix) Open Jumpstyle 0 24-Jul-2016
The Best Paradoxx 2002 Open Dance 0 23-Jul-2016