Open requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Heinzenberg - Bad Trip Open Jumpstyle 2 01-Nov-2015
Dj_Cool-D-Live_at_Warmduscher_12_(Power_Hit_Radio)-09-08-2003-CABLE-2003-NFH Open Oldschool 0 30-Oct-2015
FUTS (Andrea Montorsi Mix) (full) Open Trance 0 30-Oct-2015
Dj LB - Fanatic System (Major Bryce Remix) Open Jumpstyle 0 29-Oct-2015
Hollow - Nuclear Melody Open Jumpstyle 3 28-Oct-2015
Forgiven_World-Freedom_For_Expression-Vinyl-1999-1REAL Open Trance 0 27-Oct-2015
Relapse – Massacre Open Hardcore 2 24-Oct-2015
Polycarpus - Funky Doop (Hard Edit) Open Jumpstyle 0 19-Oct-2015
Request From 20Years DJ Pedroh & 13 Years Open Jumpstyle 0 19-Oct-2015
Mr C & Sykes - sound of leaders Open Jumpstyle 0 18-Oct-2015
Hardkiss/Rabbit In The Moon - Delusions Of Grandeur (20th anniversary Remaster) Open Oldschool 8 13-Oct-2015
VA_-_Our_Summer Open Dance 0 11-Oct-2015
DRG-My_Project-Vinyl-2000-BPM Open Trance 0 10-Oct-2015
DJ_Bear_Who-The_Electric_Baile-2000-BPM Open Techno 0 06-Oct-2015
Workshop-Floating-CD-2000-BPM Open Trance 0 06-Oct-2015
Swan_and_bassliner_-_moonphase-vinyl_thaghost-2000-mtc Open Trance 0 05-Oct-2015
Partyraiser & Distroyer ‎– A New World Order-(DGN003)-1997 Open Hardcore 4 03-Oct-2015
Sneijder_-_Future_Sound_of_Egypt_400_(Poland)-STREAM-08-14-2015-FGM_INT Open Trance 0 03-Oct-2015
Presswerk_-_Dont_Cry-Retail_Vinyl-2002-SQ Open Trance 0 30-Sep-2015
Several Mefjus Scene Releases Open Drum'n'Bass 3 28-Sep-2015
Danny Casseau and Chich Open Techno 2 25-Sep-2015
3rd Oldschool Requests Open Oldschool 3 25-Sep-2015
HARD Label Open Dance 0 21-Sep-2015
awsum label Open Dance 0 21-Sep-2015
Angel_Feat_Sistema_3_-_Angels_Story-Vinyl-2002-MS Open Trance 0 20-Sep-2015