Open requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
DHHD – Funky Shit (Deepack Remix) [320 kbps/lossless] Open Hardstyle 4 07-Dec-2016
DX-13 - Pyroteknix (IS018 Mispress) Open Hardcore 1 07-Dec-2016
Tracks Nrgtixx Open Jumpstyle 0 07-Dec-2016
Wappie Lobotomy (Hypr-Actiif & V'kill3rz remix) Open Jumpstyle 0 07-Dec-2016
Killer Traxx - Retrolution 2 (Free Album) Open Jumpstyle 6 06-Dec-2016
Adam Szabo & Johnny Norberg - I Wanna Be (Broken Minds Bootleg) Open Hardcore 1 06-Dec-2016
DJ Khaled - All I Do Is Win (DJ Paul Elstak & Dr Phunk Remix) Open Hardstyle 0 05-Dec-2016
Made In NL (SubLabel of Spinnin) Open House 0 04-Dec-2016
Id track **share ** Open Jumpstyle 4 04-Dec-2016
Vextor_-_Wrecking_Core_(Red-Menace_Remix)-(FREE)-WEB-2014 Open Hardcore 3 04-Dec-2016
Mental Wreckage - Structural Chaos SMPT 001 (320/lossless) Open Hardcore 0 04-Dec-2016
The Beat Controller ‎– Flowing With The Hardcore IMPHC005 (320 web) Open Hardcore 1 04-Dec-2016
ID tracks ×'× Open Jumpstyle 0 03-Dec-2016
Id track Open Jumpstyle 9 03-Dec-2016
Dj Hidden smokin drum and Bass Open Drum'n'Bass 7 02-Dec-2016
Nitrogenetics - Gods unwanted children (song in 320 or lossless) Open Hardcore 8 01-Dec-2016
G-Tonix - Bass Jam Open Jumpstyle 0 30-Nov-2016
VA-Phaaaaaasing_The_Future-2CD-FLAC-2008-HBFD Open Hardstyle 0 29-Nov-2016
Ganjaman-Dj wakan Remix Open Jumpstyle 0 29-Nov-2016
Ronald-V tracks Open Jumpstyle 0 29-Nov-2016
Tekstyle Open Jumpstyle 0 29-Nov-2016
Dj kevinstyle-cuack cuack full Open Jumpstyle 0 29-Nov-2016
Suppero-chuw Full Open Jumpstyle 0 29-Nov-2016
Max Deejay - U Got To Let The Music Open Dance 0 28-Nov-2016
Tracks (ADRI MR) Open Jumpstyle 0 27-Nov-2016