Open requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
X-LT ‎– On A Ragga Tip 2002-Vinyl Open Trance 0 16-May-2015
Tindy Tunes (6 rlses missing) Open Hardstyle 1 15-May-2015
nachtschicht in scene Open Trance 4 15-May-2015
Gary d D Trance Open Trance 3 15-May-2015
resident E scene Open Hardcore 2 15-May-2015
Some Scene Samplers in scene Open Techno 0 15-May-2015
Chris Unknown I'm Alive (2XCD) Open Happy Hardcore 0 13-May-2015
VA-ID_and_T-Techno Vol 1-3 Open Techno 1 13-May-2015
Elastique Culture releases Open Trance 2 11-May-2015
Tranzaction Recordings Open Trance 2 10-May-2015
Hooligan Full label Open Hardstyle 0 27-Apr-2015
IDENTIFY: 2 tekstyle tracks from "tekstyle janvier 2014" Open Jumpstyle 1 27-Apr-2015
Need an ID on this tune please... Open Hardcore 1 27-Apr-2015
IDENTIFY artist name & track name Open Hardcore 2 26-Apr-2015
United Ravers Records Full label Open Trance 1 26-Apr-2015
Anon - Sad Mashin (from Technikore Supersonik usb) Open Happy Hardcore 0 23-Apr-2015
The Future Of Hardcore - Missing Stuff Open Happy Hardcore 0 21-Apr-2015 and Sublabels Open Trance 3 19-Apr-2015
Audio surgery records full label Open Techno 1 19-Apr-2015
Digital Pressure / Naxos Project (hard trance group) Open Trance 4 18-Apr-2015
Überdruck Records (search for 320s) Open Hardstyle 1 17-Apr-2015
Blutonium_Boy_-_Dark_Angel_Remix_E.P.-WEB-2007-SCW Open Hardstyle 2 14-Apr-2015
Thalamus vs The Rush - Shock Your Senses (The Rush Mix) 320 or better Open Hardstyle 2 09-Apr-2015
Greedy Records / Oldschool jump & newstyle label Open Jumpstyle 4 08-Apr-2015
DJ_Wag-Man_On_The_Moon-(VLMX255)-Vinyl-1998-UNiT Open Trance 0 07-Apr-2015