Open requests

Genre Status Quality Request titlesort ascending Reward Date
Hardstyle Open FLAC Zany – Planet Zany (CD FLAC) 20 18-May-2019
Hardstyle Open MP3 Zany Vs. The Prophet - 384.000/Whorez 20 07-Aug-2017
Hardstyle Open MP3 Zany - Pure (Primefire Bootleg) 20 22-Feb-2024
Hardcore Open MP3 Zany & Vince - Keep your Bottoms up for the Titties 20 06-May-2018
Hardcore Open MP3 Zanthrax - Dark By Nature - Mental - D 20 12-Jan-2022
Hardstyle Open MP3 Zanger Rinus - Met Marlous Onder De Douche (Oxygene Remix) 20 14-Jul-2017
Hardstyle Open MP3 Zaitek - Time for Money EP 20 24-Oct-2021
Trance Open MP3 Yves Deruyter - House Voices 20 03-Aug-2018
Hardcore Open MP3 Yunke - Sons of the night Ep (Original Mix) 20 25-Mar-2023
Hardcore Open FLAC Yunke - Mashup fucker #2 (Free) flac or wav 20 12-Jun-2021
Hardcore Open MP3 Yunke - Bonfire EP (Extended Mixes) 20 08-Jan-2022
Happy Hardcore Open MP3 Yum-Yi - Tantric (Alternate Mix) 20 06-Jun-2017
Hardstyle Open MP3 YRML (Dr phunk & Ransom remix) 20 30-Nov-2020
Breakbeat Open MP3 Youngman - Zooted EP (Scan-10) 20 09-Apr-2022
Techno Open FLAC Younes Jamil - Arachnida [FLAC] 20 31-Jul-2022
House Open MP3 You Two ‎– With Out U Or With U 2008 20 03-Jun-2017
House Open FLAC Yoshitoshi - Best Holiday Mix Ever (Continuous DJ Mix) [Lossless] 100 15-Feb-2022
House Open FLAC Yomtrax - The Sound 40 19-Feb-2024
Hardstyle Open MP3 Yoji – dieTunes Label Sampler Yoji In The Mix 20 15-Jan-2022
House Open MP3 Yohann Js ‎– Bootleg House Filter Mix 001 20 15-Mar-2019
Drum'n'Bass Open FLAC YmB & Emoshin - Through the Gates LP (Part 1) [FLAC] 20 28-Nov-2021
Jumpstyle Open MP3 YG ft Tyga & Nipsey Hussle - Bitches Ain't Shit (Grekz & T-Trax bootleg) 20 26-Nov-2016
Trance Open MP3 Yeti records 20 05-Apr-2018
Hardcore Open FLAC Yence505 - Kicked into the Ground (Gabberhead Remix) [WAV/FLAC] 20 09-Sep-2023
Dance Open MP3 Yena_-_Key_Of_Life-Promo_Vinyl-2002-iDC 20 04-May-2017