Open requests

Request titlesort descending Status Genre Cmt Date
[GCDIG012] Matt Envy & Frooty - In My Sleep (Remix) / Cut Like A Guillotine Open Happy Hardcore 0 22-Nov-2022
[GM04.15] Salvo G. ‎– Gunfire Open Hardstyle 3 28-Sep-2017
[ID] Identify - Old Hardstyle, Hardcore & Hard Trance Tracks (2000s) Open Hardstyle 5 09-Apr-2021
[JBR017] Paul Manx - I Belong To You Open Happy Hardcore 2 07-Jul-2019
[JELLY010] G Spencer meets Dougal & Gammer - Wonderful Life / Light Of Passion Open Happy Hardcore 2 16-Oct-2022
[KRTM] - Horsepowder (Brainrape Edit) Open Hardcore 0 11-Aug-2020
[KRTM] - Medicat 11 (original video file) Open Hardcore 0 16-Oct-2020
[KRTM] - Schizo-Tropik (FLAC/WAV) Open Hardcore 0 30-Oct-2021
[KRTM] ‎– Schizo-Tropik Open Hardcore 1 08-Oct-2020
[KTRM] & Khaoz Engine - Scum of the Earth Open Hardcore 0 03-Oct-2020
[LGMX028] Project Medusa - Something Is Wrong (Part 2) Open Trance 3 14-May-2019
[LTR029] VA – Threw It Away / Slave 2 The Rave / How Low Can You Go (digital) Open Happy Hardcore 2 22-Nov-2022
[LWHE006] VA - Hardcore Essentials Vol.6 Open Happy Hardcore 4 29-Jan-2019
[NM5085MX] DJ. Borr-X - No Limits Open Happy Hardcore 1 27-Sep-2016
[NUNRG076] A.B ‎– The A.B EP Open Hardcore 5 17-Sep-2020
[P6-UKH-012] D-Core - D-Core EP Open Happy Hardcore 1 08-May-2019
[PLUS030] Gammer feat Compulsion - The Call Open Happy Hardcore 11 27-Sep-2017
[PLUS033] Sean Apollo & DMO - I Can Feel You Now-Take Me Home Open Happy Hardcore 5 27-Sep-2017
[PROMO'S] TRANSFARMER PROMO'S? Open Jumpstyle 8 03-Feb-2016
[Promos] Open Jumpstyle 2 13-Dec-2016
[PROMOS] (Hard) Camp's Open Jumpstyle 2 19-Jan-2016
[PROMOS] Acid Tekker Open Jumpstyle 0 22-Sep-2016
[PROMOS] Al'Kaze Open Jumpstyle 1 27-Jan-2016
[PROMOS] Alter Ecko Open Jumpstyle 0 22-Sep-2016
[PROMOS] Apollon Open Jumpstyle 0 24-Jan-2016