Open requests

Request titlesort descending Status Genre Cmt Date
" " " ydnass " Open Jumpstyle 0 23-Oct-2017
"Clap your hands just a little bit louder" Open Jumpstyle 2 11-Aug-2018
"No Good to me (Remix 2006)" Open Jumpstyle 0 02-Feb-2017
"Sound so Fierce" Records - Any and all. Open Drum'n'Bass 0 11-May-2020
"That Kid" Chris Presents Aunt Ester ‎– Oh! Daddy Shit Open House 0 07-Nov-2016
"This is Hardcore" sample pack from TiH remix contest Open Hardcore 8 08-Apr-2013
#Deng Dudes Vol 6 [FLAC] Open Hardcore 0 27-Nov-2023
#THEOPPOSITON ( Theracords) Open Hardstyle 1 13-Jun-2017
% Makina Compilations Open Happy Hardcore 1 03-Nov-2018
'AciD-R' promos and unreleased tracks Open Jumpstyle 7 08-Aug-2015
'Acidozer' promos and unreleased tracks Open Jumpstyle 4 08-Aug-2015
'Anthology' & 'Cy-Rus' Tracks Open Jumpstyle 24 15-Jul-2015
'Atomik V' aka 'Dirty Jack' unreleased tracks Open Jumpstyle 6 23-Jul-2015
'Chim!k' tracks Open Jumpstyle 4 26-Jul-2015
'Forenzik' Unreleased Tracks Open Jumpstyle 10 19-Jul-2015
'K-Zero' tracks Open Jumpstyle 0 23-Jul-2015
'Killer Traxx' promos and unreleased tracks Open Jumpstyle 0 07-Aug-2015
'Tom & Jerry' promos and unreleased tracks Open Jumpstyle 2 07-Aug-2015
'Zof & SMB' tracks Open Jumpstyle 11 26-Jul-2015
(14CD-0002) MC Stone - What's Up!! Open Happy Hardcore 0 29-Sep-2017
(500.1125.2) VA - Tuning Bass - Chapter 3 Open Jumpstyle 0 25-Jul-2017
(8910767) Hardstyle Overdrive #01 - FLAC Open Hardstyle 0 26-Oct-2023
(ABSCHUSS009) Buchecha - Casual Hard Music Open Techno 2 19-Oct-2016
(ABSTRACT037) Sven Schaller Voice Tune Open Techno 0 13-Nov-2019
(ABUSEDDIGI005) Khaozengine - Hidious Nightmares Hit Em Up Open Hardcore 0 24-Oct-2016