Filled requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Wasted Penguinz - Overthinking (Recharge "Unofficial Refix") Filled Hardstyle 4 26-May-2020
Hixxy & Re-con - Power of Love (BABY52) Filled Hardcore 2 26-May-2020
To Mega Therion & Round Wave Crusher ‎– Masters Of Hentai Hardcore Anthem Filled Hardcore 5 26-May-2020
Teka B - 6th Gate (Mash-Up) Filled Jumpstyle 2 26-May-2020
Frontliner & John Harris - Loud (Edit) Filled Hardstyle 5 26-May-2020
Micropoint-Sadomination_EP_(Sorl_HDF_004)-Vinyl-1998-TrT Filled Hardcore 2 26-May-2020
Kaos-Fuck Is Right-(DB055)-Vinyl-1997-UNiT Filled Hardcore 2 26-May-2020
Vexed Maniacs - Soul Clap Filled Hardcore 2 25-May-2020
DJ D-Tox‎– Avalon E.P Filled Hardcore 2 25-May-2020
VA-Trance_Nation_(Mixed_by_Simon_Patterson)-WEB-2015-JUSTiFY Filled Trance 5 25-May-2020
deep in the night (jakka-b remix) Filled Happy Hardcore 2 24-May-2020
Mat weasel - kick bass Filled Hardcore 1 24-May-2020
Sub Sonik & Outbreak - Hear Your Scream (Album Edit) Filled Hardstyle 2 24-May-2020
Janet_Jackson-Control_The_Remixes-WEB-2019-ENRAGED Filled Dance 2 24-May-2020
SOH033 - Audiotricz & E-Life - Different [Extended flac/wav] Filled Hardstyle 3 24-May-2020
Future Trance Vol. 39 Filled Trance 1 23-May-2020
Neophyte & The Viper & Alee - The Living Proof (Extended Mix) Filled Hardcore 3 23-May-2020
Solid_Globe-Lost_Cities__Found-Promo_WEB-2005-TSP_INT Filled Trance 2 23-May-2020
Andy_Farley_And_Paul_Janes_-_I_Can_Feel_It-Vinyl-2002-DHS Filled Trance 2 23-May-2020
The_Morning_Boys_-_The_Ultimate-Vinyl-2003-SQ Filled Trance 2 23-May-2020
Josh Lang - Sawtooth Highway Filled Trance 1 23-May-2020
System 3-Trilogy-(DB058)-Vinyl-1997-UNiT Filled Hardcore 2 23-May-2020
NRG - I Love It (WEB) Filled Happy Hardcore 4 23-May-2020
Speqtrum label FLAC Filled Hardstyle 3 23-May-2020
Reaperz - Get Out Filled Hardstyle 2 23-May-2020