Filled requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Always Hardcore Vol.22 FLAC Filled Hardcore 2 20-Oct-2021
VA-Project Germanys Famoust (The Compilation) Filled Hardcore 5 20-Oct-2021
Andy the Core - Røøts 2021 (Original Mixes) [FLAC/320] Filled Hardcore 1 19-Oct-2021
Party Animals – Greatest Hits & Underground Anthems Filled Happy Hardcore 2 19-Oct-2021
Miro – Shining / It's Like XTC Filled Hardcore 1 19-Oct-2021
SMD#4A/AA (Al Storm Remix) Filled Happy Hardcore 2 19-Oct-2021
Spearbreak - Hold Me Filled Hardstyle 1 19-Oct-2021
Various – Hardcore Nation: Next Generation Filled Happy Hardcore 2 19-Oct-2021
Quickdrop Ft. Zach Copeland – The Right Thing (Extended) Filled Happy Hardcore 1 19-Oct-2021
Project: Hardcore 2003 FLAC/WAV Filled Hardcore 2 19-Oct-2021
Chaos Project - The Power of Music (Original Mix) [FLAC] Filled Hardcore 1 19-Oct-2021
Gavin G - Do It Now (320) Filled Happy Hardcore 4 19-Oct-2021
Technohead - I Wanna Be A Hippy (Barber Bootleg) Filled Hardcore 4 18-Oct-2021
Furyan-Bass Journey - A Journey Through Memory Filled Hardcore 1 18-Oct-2021
Ben Nicky & Sarah de Warren - Giving You Up (Extended Mix) [FLAC] Filled Happy Hardcore 1 18-Oct-2021
C3B & Miki Taiki – Chewing The Scenery Filled Breakcore 2 18-Oct-2021
Moby - Everytime You Touch Me (Darwin Remix) Filled Happy Hardcore 10 17-Oct-2021
Bass D & King Matthew – Like A Dream (Darwin Remix) (320) Filled Happy Hardcore 2 17-Oct-2021
Dany BPM – Audio Hijack 06 Filled Hardstyle 2 17-Oct-2021
Dj Solo - Deal Wid It / Made in London. Flac / Wav Filled Drum'n'Bass 2 17-Oct-2021
The House Crew - Super Hero(My Knight) Flac/wav Filled Drum'n'Bass 2 17-Oct-2021
Jon Doe - Warehouse (Cube::Hard Remix) Filled Happy Hardcore 2 17-Oct-2021
DJ Buzz Fuzz vs Bass-D & King Matthew – It's Alright (Remixes) Filled Hardcore 3 17-Oct-2021
Dannii Minogue - I Can't Sleep At Night (KB Project Remix) Filled Dance 4 17-Oct-2021
Project Hardcore 2002 FLAC/WAV Filled Hardcore 2 17-Oct-2021