Filled requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Rotterdam Records FULL LABEL Filled Hardcore 1 02-Jun-2012
Neophyte Records FULL LABEL Filled Hardcore 1 02-Jun-2012
Traxxtorm Records FULL LABEL Filled Hardcore 1 02-Jun-2012
VA - Megarave - 2008 Part 2 (2008) Filled Hardcore 1 02-Jun-2012
VA-Scantraxx_Unreleased_Volume_1-WEB-2008 Filled Hardstyle 3 02-Jun-2012
Switch Technique ‎– Altered (UNIONCD001) Filled Hardcore 1 02-Jun-2012
al twisted - smash your face EP Filled Hardcore 1 02-Jun-2012
Nyocore - Mr. Blue web or Vinyl Filled Hardcore 2 01-Jun-2012
all releases from choose or loose records Filled Hardcore 1 01-Jun-2012
Bulldozer Project‎ - Arise - The Beholder & DJ Zany Remix WEB Filled 4 01-Jun-2012
RBMZ Don't Do That (EP) Noise Bomb Filled Hardcore 2 01-Jun-2012
Masters_of_Ceremony_-_Dirt-(NEO_039)-WEB-2008-UNiCORN_INT Filled Hardcore 1 01-Jun-2012
VA-Hardcore_-_In_The_Mix_Vol.2-2CD-2010-hM.rar Filled 1 31-May-2012
DJ Freak Presents Borschtsch ‎– Wenn Wir Hart Bleiben, Überleben Wir... Filled 1 31-May-2012
Nasenbluten ‎– The Really Nasty Violent Sex EP Filled 1 31-May-2012
DJ Bass & DJ Malone ‎– Tempered Emotions / Rock Da House (DHT 7020) Filled Hardcore 1 31-May-2012
V.S.C. - UNDER DESTRUCTION Filled Hardcore 2 31-May-2012
Goetia ‎– Space Distortion Filled Hardcore 1 31-May-2012
Goetia_Vs._DJ_Mutante_-_Brut_Al_EP-(MOS002)-Vinyl-2008-SQ Filled Hardcore 1 31-May-2012
Goetia-The_Virus_(Hardcore_Chronicles)-(STRIKE52)-WEB-2009-Homely Filled Hardcore 1 31-May-2012
X-Mind feat Minckz ‎– Re Catched! Digital Plague – DGP007 Filled Hardcore 1 30-May-2012
X-Mind ‎– Spreading The Plague Digital Plague – DGP000 Filled Hardcore 3 30-May-2012
X-Mind ‎– The Eye EP Viral Conspiracy Records – VC041 Filled Hardcore 1 30-May-2012
stormrage afraid to tread ep web 320kbps Filled Hardcore 2 30-May-2012
Re-Style and Friends - Numb (MOHDIGI008) Filled Hardcore 1 30-May-2012