Dupe requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Adaro & Rude Convict Ft LXCPR - My Eyes Spit Fire (Extended Mix) FLAC Dupe Hardstyle 4 25-Dec-2019
VA-Freezone_3_-_Horizontal_Dancing-2CD-1996-XTC Dupe Drum'n'Bass 0 26-Jan-2019
Mr. Bassmeister - Koks EP Dupe Hardcore 2 04-Dec-2018
T-Marc Feat. Vincent ‎– Cleon Project Part One Dupe Hardcore 1 25-Nov-2018
T2Kazuya - Raw Intelligence Dupe Happy Hardcore 0 23-Nov-2018
Electrik Euphoria Records Dupe Happy Hardcore 7 22-Nov-2018
Nelly_DJ_Ft_Vale-Party-(PROMO_CDS)-2004-WHOA Dupe Dance 2 16-Nov-2018
tecktonik vol 2, 3, 4 Dupe Jumpstyle 1 15-Nov-2018
Tecktonik volume 1, 2006 Dupe Jumpstyle 1 15-Nov-2018
Jelly Baby Label Dupe Happy Hardcore 1 21-Oct-2018
This Is Frenchcore: Voodoo Dolls Dupe Frenchcore 1 20-Oct-2018
Shake The Dust Off original Potato BM100 Dupe Hardstyle 0 20-Oct-2018
Mosh Pit original Defiance Pow Records 94 Dupe Hardstyle 1 19-Oct-2018
DJ_Kubrik_-_This_Song-Vinyl-2003-NBD(Hardstyle) Dupe Hardstyle 5 13-Oct-2018
Frenchkickz and Harder Part Trois Dupe Frenchcore 1 23-Sep-2018
Divine UK Hardcore Dupe Happy Hardcore 1 06-Sep-2018
Buzz Fuzz & Bass-D ‎– It's Alright 2017 (BZRKSPX002) Dupe Hardcore 1 03-Sep-2018
Pillaged Hardcore Dupe Happy Hardcore 2 20-Aug-2018
Yorkshire Core Records Dupe Happy Hardcore 0 06-Aug-2018
Royal S - Papito Dupe Hardstyle 1 18-Jul-2018
VA_-_Hardstyle_Top_100_Vol.5-2CD-2008-SYNDIKAT Dupe Hardstyle 0 25-Jun-2018
Mr_X_and_Mr_Y-Viva_La_Revolucion-(EK_008)-(Vinyl)-1999-UTB Dupe Techno 1 29-May-2018
Liz_Meyer_-_Without_You-WEB-2008-SRG Dupe Dance 1 29-May-2018
Chiren - Equalize it Dupe Hardstyle 1 19-Apr-2018
Ricardo Moreno & Potato - Delightfull Dupe Hardstyle 1 27-Mar-2018