Zany – Planet Zany (CD FLAC)


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Catalog number: FUSIONCD005-2
Year: 2012

Please don't upload WEB FLAC. CD version contains 2 exclusive tracks.


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Thanks, but I've already got WEB before, just wondering if someone has CD. Sometimes, CDs are ripped after years.

@Alpha Flight 1970 Ok, get it, thanks.

I got both bonus tracks in 320 kbps: I guess you already have them, do you?

Yes, I have these tracks in 320 kbps from Deezer. They leaked also earlier, though.

Dude, learn reading

"Please don't upload WEB FLAC"

@KonFish: He tried to snatch points for a request, nothing else. But it doesn't work like that, so I removed it. If he cannot fill requests properly bad luck for him.

I would be Interested in mp3 Release . I dont care if vbr or cbr. Maybe someone has or can reencode the Web flac +900mb is Really much :)

I'm trying to get my hands on a hardcopy for a while now.

No succes yet

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