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Thank you for your effort, but please check the CRC before uploading

use srrdb and rescene ;)

Thanks for the info, guys.

What tool would you recommend to quickly check CRCs?

QuickSFV is what I used back in the day, probably still supported by modern OS's
I'm currently using QuickPAR because it does more than just .sfv ;)

I think the "problem" for the crc failing was the sound-area retags messing up the crc.
Easy fix for retagged mp3's and/or missing sfv/nfo/m3u/covers is to ReScene is with SRRDB .srr files and pyReScene from

I just run the command line version of pyReScene, but you can add a GUI to it as well.

Fixing the tags and missing m3u/nfo/sfv/covers for me is as simple as grabbing the .srr file from SRRDB as placing it with the mp3s,
opening a command prompt, opening the correct folder and running a RETAG Releasename.srr and it will generate the sfv/m3u/nfo/cover and crc-check + retag the mp3s to match the scene ones.

Hope this helps a bit.

Yes, this definitely helps.

Using srrdb is the most easy way and I guess the only real problem is when an mp3 player tool changes meta-data inside the mp3 during listening.

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