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Catalog number: BeastCD 03
Year: 2003

Atm at srrdb there're 2 versions of sfv:
** 1st one ("major" one that srs file is "linked" to) with CRC = 10a38397
** 2nd one (colored red, in "Unconfirmed" group atm) with CRC = b9a6bcea

I already got the release version with mp3 that matches 1st one and it seems like the most common, it's the only one I could find. The problem is that despite of typical for SQ releases tagging pattern/ID3 formats used mp3 doesn't pass integrity check ("MPEG stream error" at the ~middle of the mix) - the mix is splitted into 2 parts with some reported as unknown stream (corrupted MPEG frame or some kind of marker written by some fooked up audio editor/some other tool).
Also filename of sfv file of this 1st version is inconsistent to nfo and jpg/scan filenames w/o "-cd-2003-sq" suffix. So I wonder if alternative mp3 that matches 2nd version of sfv is within reach of those guys with "extended" access to scene stuff :)


Yes, it's the same version as at srrdb and the one I already had, same sfv's CRC sum and error in mp3 stream :(

Oh, k, maybe it was idd released this way and that other sfv was for some retagged version of the original release. Thanks for checking, admin :)

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