VA - DHT Virus 12 [CD, FLAC]


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Cat#: DHT 7503 CD
Year: 2003

According to there were quite a number of non-scene lossless rips by ZgbK aka Zaglebiak from this series:


Ok, Vol.11 & 19 from this list are avl. at, but the rest r completely missing atm. Can make separate request for each one if bundle requests are no longer an allowed option


separate requests will be better in terms of rewarding uploaders extra points

Thanks. Tho this is already a request for Vol.12 that you can fill/upload.
Dunno why moderators change the request name exactly to ZgbK release as if no other release fills it (which is not the case for me - it's non-scene and no EAC logs anyway to prefer one lossless rip over another). E.g. MRPX or other users who get stuff from him might have something from the series

I don't now why. I am not moderator here. I don't give eac log same as scene don't give for their releases

More and more scene groups give EAC logs.. It's not 2001 anymore.

Give examples of scene groups that provide proper EAC logs, please. It's not required by the scene rules, so it's naturally quite rare thing.
Saw logs in SPL, AUDIO and CUSTODES releases (as*.log.jpg) but they all non-perfect: SPL's logs got proper EAC settings but they're obviously edited to conceal used CD drive ("Used drive: XXX") with no checksums in the end ofc, AUDIO's logs got "Defeat audio cache: No", CUSTODES got both "Defeat audio cache: No" and "Make use of C2 pointers : Yes".
Dunno what's the problem to spend several minutes to read FAQ and tune EAC's settings just once, esp. if it's not about ripping 1 or 2 CDs for personal use :(

I've got plenty of CDs here to transfer (mostly no music for this website). Which tool and settings would you in general advise?

It's all in FAQs of any semi-decent torrent audio tracker, e.g. from

Mostly you just need to put checkmarks in EAC settings as at screenshots, run some CD once to set AccurateRip and perform HTOA check before ripping each CD. You can skip setting the guide's auto-tagging and compression to flac by EAC part, can be done later/manually.
There's also "X Lossless Decoder" (XLD) ripping tool for Mac OS that's also ok to get proper rips but I skipped it here since you and most people use Windows anyway

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