Unishock - Quantum (4D034)

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Discogs or other URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obbK4pDLUHY
Catalog number: 034

I'm looking for the Extended version of the track :)


.Thanks, but i'm looking for the extended mixes instead of the radio mixes. Anyone here got them?

Ahaha, it took 1 day for these guys to switch from "please turn off your AdBlock" to "Members-only, 15 euro/month" policy xD

EDIT: Errm, now they wiped all lossless out and just reupload scene mp3 releases O.o
And those reuploads are done by "admin"... I wonder if it's the same admin as the one for all 1gabba group of sites since seems like whoever runs that site reads this one's comments and changes that site's concept on the fly

It's made with Wordpress, therefore it's someone else

Oh, k, just another casual scene release reuploads' site then. At least it drains not that much money than buying and give away lossless extended mixes ffa xD


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