Ultrabeat v Darren Styles - Sure feels good

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Discogs or other URL: https://www.discogs.com/Ultrabeat-V-Darren-Styles-Sure-Feels-Good/release/990935


Does anyone have this album, 320kbps or above please.
Or just the Alex K remix by itself will suffice in digital only, not a vinyl rip.
Many thanks.


Can you please use another site other than nitroflare for download.
Anonfile or krakenfiles etc.

Looking specifically for the Alex K remix, does your file have this?

Appreciate the help so far, I just need the Alex K remix.
Can anyone else help?

Best I can do is Ultrabeat_vs_Darren_Styles-Sure_Feels_Good-Promo-CDM-2007-WRE, includes 11-ultrabeat_vs_darren_styles-sure_feels_good_(alex_k_remix).mp3 (VBR)

What audio format is this?
Is it a vinyl rip?

CD rip, but encoded in VBR instead of 320kbps

Appreciate the help, but would rather have it in 320kbps at a minimum.
Can anyone else help?

Is there a way to determine this?

You can check spectrals, this file is indeed in poor quality, nowhere near genuine 320 kbps

Thanks Supreme.
I would like to leave this request open to see if someone can provide a genuine 320kbps or better version of the Alex K remix.

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