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Hi There, I was wondering if you could please upload these two albums from the group Ultra-Sonic or any CDM's etc. Thanks :)




I am from Australia mate hence the name I don't buy German releases

I grew up on Ultra-Sonic, I have
Tekno Junkies (I just uploaded)
The Hour Of Chaos (Is about 10-15mins away)
Global Tekno (I will do after The Hour Of Chaos)

also have the best of Ultra-Sonic, Cd 1 is pointless uploading because the 3 cover that, but CD2 is a heap of remixes

Actually I have Ultra-Sonic vs Public Domain however that was just to sell the CDs, it really is Mallorca Lee CD1 & David Forbes CD2 mostly Hard Trance, and their follow up to that was Bang On pres Internationals, you can find both on Discogs

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