Trance Top 1000 - The Anthems (Extended Versions)

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Catalog number: ARDI3815
10 Nov 2017
wav or mp3 thanks!


I have this I will upload it tomorrow

sorry it's not in order

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no 18 is missing and theres 2 13

added part 18 sorry about that, I didnt realise you only wanted 40 tracks, this is the whole top 1000

u added extra into it by the looks of it though cause seems ya added 1 of picottos cdm's along with a few radio edits at the very beginning with how they were numbered from 1 onwards

I guess there are all 1000 tracks, while the request asks for The Anthems only (40 tracks)

Thanks for the upload!

Some of the tracks are less than 320kbps in this pack. I deleted about 200 that were lower quality, for anyone wondering. Quite a few of those were 128kbps.

no problem sorry about some of the tracks, I got this quite a long time ago, I don't think i've even played all of them but it's 900 extra tracks :) If the moderators think it's incorrect please feel free to message me and reopen the request.

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