Synapse - Vows of Doubt [vinyl]

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Catalog number: Enzyme K7 ‎– ENZYME K7-10
Year: 2011

Not available scene-wise, but I'll give it a try.


Dude! Read the rules and the request before you post your shit!

Can we remove this idiot? Besides uploading wrong things he is not capable and willed to communicate in English language and thinks others have to understand his Spanish trash.

edit: Furthermore he is ignoring polite hints, so I have to take harder measures.

A ver payaso me he equivocado en un puto minimix... a mi me vas a vacilar tu.. y si que se ingles lo que paso de hablarlo para rabiarte imbecil xD

Nobody understands your retard language. Go home where you come from!

Sicker is already sick, not much to do right now. I hope that Sicker gets an english class before to get hated on the XPRM community...

BTW, I can write in both languages.
Maneja tu inglés, o los usuarios de acá te van a mandar a la verga.

Sorry foreign people for that spanish sentence.

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