Sy & Unknown Ft. Lou Lou & Mc Storm - Makin' Me Water Plants (Comic Relief)


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Sorry, I have no more info on this track, even if it was released or not. Maybe someone has a leaked copy laying around.
As far as I know, it wasn't released officially, heard it in some sets of some guys who are more into scenes and venues


No problem, if it's tracks like these of course you can't give proper Discogs links etc.

Thx Alpha. Hope sby has it, I really need it ;)

I have seen it out in the wild but never gotten it myself. I still sing makin me wanna water plants each time I hear the original XD

can you please mark a source?

So, I listened to them, the "edit" was somehow corrupted, winamp crashed during playback (tbh it crashed when I opened the file, so no playback), but after I converted it to another 320 kbps file, it was playable.
The longer "edit" is somehow cut together from the original "wanna dance" and the clublad "water plants" tracks, you can hear the difference in the drums. The drums of the intro and outro are way defferent from the drums of the main part (main is clubland-ish, intro/outro are rather original, oldschool-ish). Many thanks again for the quick upload, but I won't fill for a while, lets hope someone finds the original "clubland extended", uncut version somewhere.

the unmixed version was released on Comic Relief and the money went to charity. I have an unmixed version sitting around somewhere. There was another release on Comic Relief as well.

Can you please upload that? I could't even find it on beatport.

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