Supersonik Hardcore [CD]

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Catalog number: Total Music - TMDSCD001
Year: 2014

Mixed versions of tracks, unlike the previous request.


Digital version contains these both mixes and they are in previous request.

I know, but the CD seems to have mixes split up in single tracks.

It will be arrived during the next month, I'll pop the link if happens!

Finally I received my copy (after a year dealing with the LTR package).

BTW, there are many stuff to tell.
1. I should get a new CD drive, the CD drive from my main notebook is near of the end of life cycle, I can still rip albums, but can't detect some CD-Rs (sadly, the album is a CD-R).
2. The 6 Days tracks sounds at 14kHz in the CD version, maybe Vinylgroover used the unmastered version of this track or a very crappy rip.
3. I picked the digital version on Google Play, so I'll bundle the Full Version tracks, I don't know if drop the Album Edit version having instead the Full Length Tracks.

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