Streiks & Kratchs feat. Stampede - Believe That 6:05m version


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What is this? A faulty version of the 5:36m track (recorded too slow)? Sold at first accidentally? Where was it available (Hardtunes?)?
Real version:

track is on Partyraiser's Chaos of the Mayans:


Track length of false version is also on Discogs.

Also two more questions to Chaos of the Mayans (The Album).
There are no edits available as far as I can see, like there are with other Partyraiser Recordings releases, or did I overlook them?

Were the two free bootlegs downloads on SoundCloud which are part of the release (Dirk-Jan DJ - Pak een Punt (Dr. Peacock & Repix Bootleg) and The Doors - Riders on the Storm (Hardbouncer & Darkcontroller Bootleg)) available on Hardtunes first? I ask because I want to do a proper track order. If they were only available on SC I'd move them down to be tracks 15 and 16, unlike the Discogs entry says.

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