Sonic_Divas_-_Theres_Only_U-CDM-2002-MOD (+1)

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Sonic_Divas-Theres_Only_U-(ZYX_9555-8)-CDM-FLAC-2002-WRE (filled)

thanks in advance


tnx Deadroth, but not filled only missing "Sonic_Divas_-_Theres_Only_U-CDM-2002-MOD"

Alpha, pls restore it "open" status

Why do you need two identical releases?

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probably the same reason why people collect vinyl + cd/web of same release :)

Are you retarded? People collect scene releases, I've got many identical releases from different scene groups.
You have collected 40 points and haven't filled the post, not for the first time I might add.

Yep. Stop clicking the filled prompt when you did not fill a request fully. If you continue to leech points by that I will delete requests from you.

ah okay, i understand... in the future i create separately requests, no problem

he was not saying this to you.
your request is fine, you might add explicit AND otherwise one might think it is OR condition :P

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