Skitzmix 1-52 (by Nick Skitz)


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Request for "Skitzmix" 1-52 compilations mixed by Nick Skitz. The best in 320kbps, if possible.

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Year: 1995-2016


Not filled.

Your link contains only the following:
Skitzmix 48
Skitzmix 6
Skitzmix 34
Skitzmix 37
Skitzmix 38
Skitzmix 39
Skitzmix 40
Skitzmix 41
Skitzmix 42
Skitzmix 43
Skitzmix 44
Skitzmix 45
Skitzmix 46
Skitzmix 47
Skitzmix 50
Skitzmix 51
Skitzmix 52
Skitzmix 53
Skitzmix 54

Tania, please don't steal links. Link to the main page (in this case the one aGGyunit mentions).

(I know it hardly makes a difference but it's kind of a little tribute to the uploader)

I have the complete collection on CD volumes 1-57 ripped in FLAC

Sorry Alpha, I just saw this, just trying to help but I get it :)

Sorry aGGyunit, didn't know it was missing volumes

@U.L.D - It would be great great if you could share the Skitzmix Megamixes 1-57. I don't need the individuals tracks just the Megamixes only unless of course someone wants the whole thing. Thanks in advance :)

bit late to the party, but you can just use a youtube converter to download the megamixes as almost all of them are available on youtube

hey ULD, if you still have these, even in mp3, can you please let me know? im desperately trying to get ahold of the entire collection

Thanks U.L.D Looks forward to volumes 11-20 next etc.

thanks for sharing this collection, could you please fix links for SkitzMix Volumes 1-10

Gracias amigo



I have the DVD, Will upload it today.

Awesome, Thank you DoctaK.

Is that from the actual DVD or just downloaded music videos? The videos seem to contain different aspect ratios.

From the actual DVD. Could have been how I ripped the DVD using handbrake, buts thats the files it spat out.

There was an issue with the upload. Should be fixed now

Skitzmix 39 DVD is named 'SKITZ_MIX_39..mkv' which is causing havoc on my Windows 11 PC making File Explorer crash constantly. So just a heads up to anyone downloading on Windows.

U..L..D, any chance you could reupload the DVD named correctly? I can't seem to open it at all without it giving Windows a headache and crashing everything.

Maybe renaming it with command line could help, give it a try:
rename file_path new_name

For example:
rename C:\Users\DoctaK\Downloads\SkitzMix39\SKITZ_MIX_39..mkv SKITZMIX39.mkv

Either like m1chi suggests or use a search tool like Agent Ransack which lists the full file name with prefix and lets you easily delete the dot.

Did try to rename but still caused issues. Possibly a corrupt download. Will try again as another DVD file had the double . in the name.

Fresh download and the samething happens. I cannot get into the folder to view the file even using the 2 above methods, nothing is letting me get access to the file :-(

Here's some other Nick Skitz CDs - Not technically part of the Skitzmix series, but same style.

All are in WAV format.

Skitz Rocks -

Skitz Rocks 2 -

Skitz Rocks The World 3 (Unmixed tracks with a continuous DJ mix) -

Nick Skitz - Come Into My World (2CD - CD2 contains unmixed DJ quality tracks) -

JFI from my personal experience. 7z has hardly any effect on music files, even more when they are already compressed like Flac and mp3.

Skitz Mix 56
CD1 this is a duplicate of 57CD1

SkitzMix 36 now includes the DVD


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