Scott Brown - Come On (Lossless/320 MP3)

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Catalog number: EV53
Year: 2001


This is the wrong track, please see information on release and Discogs link. The correct track is on Evolution Records 53.

This needs to be put back to 'Not Filled'

Is this the track which was also published under the "Plus System" moniker and app. 4:50m length?

it's remix
Scott Brown pres Plus System - Come on (Sy & Unknown rmx) 04:51

oh! now I can check the sound on Youtube and I see that my upload is not correct.

How i can know CORRECT or NOPE if you are not give us Length of track?
Not complete request, because we can't check original file from request... not audio, not length...

Here's Come On from EV053. I should know, I ripped it from said vinyl myself.

Sadly, as someone said on the youtube clip, there is no digital version of this track out there. If you check the digital release of EV053, you can see Come On is missing from it.

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Thank you!

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