Scooter - 4 AM (Clubstar Remix)


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Anyone got this ? Been looking and seems that it was removed from itunes.


This isn't the version I requested, rather the mix from Clubland 22. Please reopen the request.

Sorry DoctaK, i downloaded it and i hadn't carefully if this was a legit. Sorry!
@admin Please subtract the 100 points I got for completing the request. I'll be much more careful next time.

sorry to burst a bubble but the version uploaded is correct i have the web release and it's bang same track, the track is how it's suppose to start

That is very possible. I have seen worse things to be fair.

Little update.. It is the wrong track. Spoke to Kenny and he confirmed that version is from the Clubland CD and wasn't what was released on the Sheffield Tunes release.

Here's a copy of the track from this release in wav:

it's same track just starts a little bit early on the one first uploaded

Correct its the same track, both are Kenny's Clubstar remix, but the first one uploaded has been taken from the Clubland CD, you can hear the vocal pitch down at the start of the track, which is why I noted it was the wrong track and not the one from the release.

So when I got the actual version I was looking for I added it here so others can get it :)

It's still on Apple Music

I can't find the 4am release but not the one containing Kennys Clubstar remix.. PM me the link you have for it ?

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