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Catalog number: Schlachthof Records - ???
Year: 2007

Does anybody know the catalogue number of this? It's neither on Discogs, Junodownload or Beatport and the scene release by Falcon doesn't mention it either.

ps. I don't need the tracks, just the catalogue number.

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Hello mate,

I think the catalogue number will be SCHLACHTHOF 2007001, this is based on Amazon says it was released on 5th of March, 07.

Techno Anthems Vol. 1 - came out on 27th of July, 07 (likely SCHLACHTHOF 2007002)

SCHLACHTHOF 2007003 (Sex, Drugz & Techno Music) came out on 30th of July, 07

SCHLACHTHOF 2007006 (Best Of 2007 - Schranz Edition) came out on the 17th of December, 07

In 2008 they changed their cat number to SCHLACHTHOFCOMP 00?

Massive Sounds of Techno - 30 Hardtechno Tracks - came out 9th of November, 07

I went through all the pages and I couldn't see any more releases for 07.
I hope this can be helpful.


P.S. Is this a good album? I do like my techno but it seems so many people where trying melodic trance riffs (and other abhorrent sounds) around that time, so I'm kinda put off looking for it :/

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