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Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/master/414438-Rrritalin-Nutter-Magnet-EP
Year: 2012

other versions welcome


B-side rip is fucked, wonder why this release is titled "rerip". Might request the other version another day.

I guess that's possible, file size is identical to what's reported on srrDB though.
I'm not quite sure on how to verify the CRC checksum. Any pointers?

No idea. I don't collect scene releases.

What exactly is fucked up in the b-side tracks?

Will be hard to get a proper one as most people probably don't care.

Why the upload... is a scene release and can always be checked with the sfv for example with QuickSFV

Upload is fine. It's not your fault the ripper made a bad vinyl rip.

ps. Could have been a minor bug in data but it's not

Thank you for the mention of QuickSFV, I will make use of it next time I encounter a curious rip.

I also uploaded the first version to compare it.

Appreciate the effort, thank you.
This one is perfectly clean sounding, but recorded at 45rpm instead of 33. I can see why they did the rerip, they should have just removed the cat (or ket???) off their needle before ripping, lol.
Quite fitting scene release for UK in 2012, really. Doing it all wrong, but with proper euphoria and stimulation : )

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