Ripped 2 Fuck Full Label

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Ripped 2 Fuck Full Label ..... or not full if you dont have all the releases


Links no more available. Can you re-upload it please ?

nice Upload

any idea who made these tracks, don't like putting Anonymous

discogs doesn't state any information about the artists.

R2F is a sublabel of quosh records, so I think some artists from the quosh collective have made these tracks.

I might messaged Sy & Unknown if I can and see if they can help, if I get any info I will share

Sy said he can't name the artists encase they get into trouble

any idea what the last 3 releases sample ?

am I even close LOL
13A Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone
14A Journey - Don't Stop Believing
15A Justin Oh & Remus - Getting Over You
15B The Ultimate Seduction - The Ultimate Seduction

I like to change shit around with my tunes, can't have anonymous it pisses me off, so I think it looks something like this, and like I said it's how I do my tunes, so I have just put (R2F Bootleg)

Is there any chance of a re-upload?

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