Rebel[ut]ion - The Album

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Year: 2018

I need the original wav pack of this free album please, the Dropbox link of the Rebelion post on Facebook is dead.

Tracklist :

Rebel[ut]ion – Confronting Violence edit
Rebel[ut]ion – Cry for you (Bootleg)
Rebel[ut]ion – Dark Universe (Rebelion remix) edit
Rebel[ut]ion – Day & Night (Bootleg)
Rebel[ut]ion – Demolition Merren Kessel
Rebel[ut]ion – Do You Like Bass (Bootleg)
Rebel[ut]ion – Feeel The Powerrr
Rebel[ut]ion – Generate (Bootleg)
Rebel[ut]ion – Get Ur Freakz Oot
Rebel[ut]ion – Rampage (Bootleg)
Rebel[ut]ion – Right Here (Bootleg)
Rebel[ut]ion – Turbulance (Bootleg)
Rebel[ut]ion – Without Me (Bootleg)


Thanks but it's MP3 and I'm looking for the WAV pack (lossless) posted by Rebelion on their Facebook page

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