Rebelion - Artificial Intoxication (Extended Mixes)


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Catalog number *: ACRCD 001
Year *: 2022


Those are not the extended mixes. They still didn't release it unfortunately.

It's because Elevate has also been released as a single. Ofcourse they exist but like the Overdose album they will probably not released the full album in extended mixes.

Elevate was not released as a single.

Well damn, you are right. I also received it from Gary (Rebelion) personally i see now. Was confused due that.

Any chance of uploading any other tracks from that album that don't have extended mixes released (e.g. Ascension, Irreplaceable, Nobody Move & Side FX's)?

scantraxx never releases their extended albums on I find it total nonsense. Imperial doesn't want to send me the extended version of the album either.

I remember in the past they released samplers with extended versions of album tracks some weeks after the album, 2-4 tracks at a time, don't know why they stopped. Maybe greed, because they want the songs to remain exclusive to the artists for live performances...

Yes, but fans prefer extended versions.

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