Re-Con – Unreleased Gems EP Part 1


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Catalog number *: RECONIZED003
Year *: 2009

not a vinyl rip please, unless thats all there is.


I can't wait (Original) is only vinyl rip, not very good quality, AFAIK there is no leaked digital of it
others are digital, I had a few versions of Pull Over, all of them are here
I don't fill, becouse I can't wait is not digital, but if you say I can, I will modify


Same I posted. Squad-E remix is the only one out AFAIK digitally, maybe it was on Squad-E's google drive.
The original must be hiding somewhere deep, maybe if someone has a brave and generous dj/producer friend who is "close to the fire", he can help. We have a few nice trax out there that only the few special people can own :)

same. we are looking for the 4th digital/master :)

don't think there is 1 i'm wanting that to lol

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