Raiden - Beton Armé (best quality)

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Catalog number: OKCD002
Year: 2011

spelling on discogs & cover "Beton Armé"
spelling on bandcamp "Béton Armé"


There are several different versions of this. This one was sold on resaler Boomkat and does not have the bonus tracks from Bandcamp but a bonus mix of the CD tracks. I think I have the BC version too, will upload later. Except for the original cover it's "Raiden - Béton Armé" everywhere btw, on Raiden's Bandcamp page and on Raiden's SoundCloud page.éton_Armé.rar.html

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Thank you so much for this. I deepdived three times but all i found was dead links. and thanks for the details too. you never know when you need them ;D

a virtual highfive from me

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