Psycho Boys Club - LFO 1991


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Release catalog number*: BF232


To the anon who posted this request in hardstyle:
While it might sound like hardstyle or early hardcore, it is labeled as "Hard House".
I've re-made the request here as I'm also interested in the EP as a collector of Barong Family.
Fingers-crossed we get lucky.

I have no time to listen. Would you say it's okay to put in genre either Hardstyle or Hardcore?

No, it is better suited in House.
I think you'll open up a wormhole big enough to give you a headache if you put hard house under Hardstyle.
So let's just keep it as is.

Ah ok. Yea, I suggest you stick with your formula.
If it ain't broke then it don't need fixing etc.
Also thanks for filling :)

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