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Here's the 38th promo topic to make everybody add what you got from Forenzik so that we finally won't miss a thing !!!
Here is my list! So PLEASE if you have more : UPLOAD IT / if you know more track names etc, also let me know so we can search for those !!! I will update the main topic with the alphabetical listing of available tracks!
( I will make all topics with [PROMOS] tag in front so it will be easy to SEARCH all those topics ;) )

Scene release

Afrojack & Partysquad - Amsterdam (Forenzik & Dr. Dope Remix).mp3
Anthology & Cy-Rus ft Forenzik - I'll Be There (Bootleg).mp3
Anthology & Cy-Rus ft Forenzik - Take Over Control (Bootleg Flip Edit).mp3
Anthology & Cy-Rus ft Forenzik - We Take Over Control (2nd Version).mp3
Anthology & Cy-Rus ft Forenzik - We Take Over Control.mp3
Anthology & Cy-Rus ft [email protected] - Jump Up (Forenzik RMX).mp3
Antonio & Cristiano - I Sampled Marissa (Forenzik RMX).mp3
Bingo Players - When We Dip (Forenzik RMX).mp3
E-Max - There It Is (Forenzik Remix).mp3
FORENZIK @ LUX TEKSTYLE [Addicted2Bass.info] 20.04.2012.MP3
Forenzik - Amnezia Mini Remix.mp3
Forenzik - Body Movement.mp3
Forenzik - Booty Bounce.mp3
Forenzik - Boozaholic (Alcoholic Edit) (Jumperpich Re-Edit).mp3
Forenzik - Boozaholic.mp3
Forenzik - Break Down.mp3
Forenzik - Get Fucking Crazy Mashup.mp3
Forenzik - Get Out Of Your Mind (Mashup).mp3
Forenzik - Gregory's Theme vs Till' Tonight (Full Edit).mp3
Forenzik - Intro 2011 (Ohstyle!).mp3
Forenzik - Nuttcracker.mp3
Forenzik - Oe ie oe a a (Extreme Megamix 2011).mp3
Forenzik - Partyrock Anthem REMIX.mp3
Forenzik - Pop It Low.mp3
Forenzik - Squishee.mp3
Forenzik - X-Mas Special.mp3
Forenzik - X-mas Special 2011.mp3
Forenzik - Zo Fly als een Vogel Outro.mp3
Forenzik ft Anthology & Cy-Rus - Double Vision.mp3
Forenzik ft Dimerio - Tipsy Ho (Final).mp3
Forenzik ft Dimerio - Tipsy Ho.mp3
Fragma vs P.Diddy - Toca's Last Night (Forenzik Bootleg).mp3
Junior Waxx - Bangin Record (Forenzik Edit) (Jumperpich Re-Edit).mp3
Kesha - First Kiss (Forenzik ft Dr.Dope Bootleg).mp3
Kevstar - Labello (Dna Killerz & Forenzik Last Minute Remix).mp3
Madonna - Girl Gone Wild (Forenzik Bootleg).mp3
Mark With A K - Get Hyper (Forenzik Edit).mp3
Mr. Puta - Green Stuff (Teka B & Forenzik RMX).mp3
Panjabi MC - Mundian To Bach Ke (Forenzik ft Dr. Dope Bootleg).mp3
Remady P&R - No Superstar (Forenzik vs Teka B Bootleg).mp3
Rihanna ft Calvin Harris - We Found Love (Dna Killerz & Forenzik Bootleg).mp3
Ronald V - Harderz (Forenzik Remix).mp3
Teka B & Forenzik - Club Can't Handle Us.mp3
Teka B & Forenzik - Shake Ya Ass (Original Mix).mp3
Teka B & Forenzik - Took The Night (Bootleg).mp3
Teka B - Who Let The Dogs Out (Forenzik Donkey Fun Edit).mp3
Teknologik - Forenzik & BSK Rework Intro.wav
The Game - Crash Test (Forenzik RMX).mp3
Yahn Ehsz - Fuckin With Me (Forenzik ft Dr.Dope 2010 Remix).mp3


thank you very much !!!

edit: only
Rihanna ft Calvin Harris - We Found Love (Dna Killerz & Forenzik Bootleg).mp3 has been taken down :(

Forenzik - X-mas Special 2011.mp3
FORENZIK @ LUX TEKSTYLE [Addicted2Bass.info] 20.04.2012.MP3

i only have this 2 sets http://uploaded.net/file/uwofyswr

(the xmas special is a diffrent one then from your pack ! )

found some more :



Euhm we only search for PROMOS ... -sob are all released on labels ... :)

Don't forget about Dave Reco - Make it fresh (Forenzik Remix) !

Request? Dos Cervezas Por
Favor (Forenzik ft Dr. Dope

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