Paradise - See The Light (Gammer Remix) (lossless)

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Catalog number: MUFN010
Year: 2010

Doesn't seem to be included in the Literally Everything collection.


Is that file okay for you, MKevern? It's not to from The Gammer Remix ep as it seems.

master copy thats why

why do you have a problem with everything i do i don't get it, he asked for a remix i uploaded it

If you don't like proper rules to upload what is requested and are acting like a crybaby in general (see your dumb question in shouts) then go somewhere else.

edit: Also I didn't say your upload is wrong, I asked the requester if it is okay.

he requested a specific mix and that's what i uploaded if he wanted the actual release on discogs he wouldn't put gammer remix? where ever that remix comes from either it be that from discogs or where ever else it's the same remix, so i don't get what the big deal is, i ain't no cry baby it's just you have a problem with me and all i'm trying to do is help people and fill requests, if that's the case i won't fill anymore requests

Like I said, it's his decision, neither mine nor yours.

Also your uploads in general are fine, just want to point this out.

ps. I know I'm a "hard" moderator but therefore the website is going well and the forum is clean from dumb and begging messages and dupes all over the place.

Track seems fine, I suppose the request is filled. Though I'd like to see where this came from as it's tagged as 'track 8' and released in 2017.

i have all my remixes numbered and dated hence the track number and date

also transparent means colour coded in VDJ

not a problem happy to help

That "dumb question" I mention above is not by NGC25 but by nu-nrg.

Pretty much my fault for confusing these two new members. :/

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