Ozi - Juicy Pen WEB


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Discogs or another link (NOT Youtube)*: https://music.apple.com/dk/album/juicy-pen/426342343
Release catalog number*: ?
Year*: 2007

Looking for WEB release listed above, Apple Music is georestricted to Scandinavian countries (it works on Norwegian Apple Music for me), and on Deezer I was able to load it only on Russian version of site - I'm able to play songs when I'm not logged in, but after logging in it says that content is georestricted, so I believe that someone from Russia or maybe Norway have to check out if it is possible to download it off Deezer

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Of course I meant Dannish Apple Music which is linked in the post, not Norwegian one. The label that distrubuted this release is Norwegian, that's why I thought about this country while writing description to the request

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