The Outside Agency - The Flux Capacitor [FLAC]

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Catalog number: Smackdown Recordings - SMACKDOWN #002
Year: 2010

Looking for a proper lossless version of track 01. The version on is upscaled which could have been done very well by Smackdown or TOA themselves, track 02 is okay.


the flac i bought myself from bandcamp back when it was released looks like this:
MD5 is 2fdc171880a27a8fadf9d38eeb6e3046

does this 'upscaled' version you're referring to seem different?

It's like the one I am referring to. Many thanks for confirming it's like that in the original.

ps. I got the vinyl in Flac if you are interested

no worries;
can't say the vinyl-rip interests me, but thanks for the offer nonetheless

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