Outlander - Imagination

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Year: 2016


Can you upload the WAV ?
See you've asked outlander for it

Thanks !


I totally don't remember it, 5 years is quite a long time. I haven't found chat with him on Soundcloud, so seemingly I wrote to him via Facebook (his fanpage is removed, can't find this chat). Anyway, before I started collecting lossless, when I saw 320 kbps freebie with shitty spectrum, I usually asked artist about lossless because I expected that I'll get better spectrum from converting it to MP3 xD Then, I usually deleted lossless version, but sometimes I shared it somewhere. I'm afraid it could be similar situation, I don't have this file anymore (it's lost or removed).

Ohright mate ! Thanks for watching.
I'll be happy with a good mp3 aswell do you still got that one?

I know.. Read the comment 'This track has low quaility, only 16 kHz on spectrogram. So, I asked Outlander about WAV file, and he uploaded about an hour ago'

I want the good version.

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